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We have been helping our new country-men/-women/-hen and employees at different companies in Oslo and Bærum, maninly Fornebu, Skøyen, Lysaker, Ullern, in aditions to their families, getting their license in an efficient way, by tuturoing in English. Some of them are TATA owned, Aker Solutions , Telenor, Equinor/Statoil, IT Fornebu, British Petroleum, Rolls Royce, Teleplan, Expatrelocation.no, Americans in Norway, INN and various shipping companies.

Our Driving School is in Ullern Alle 2, easily acessed by public transportation.


Contacting our driving school, until you get the license:

1) Register/enroll yourselv from our site, so you get access to our calender

2) Book session/meeting from our calender as soon as possible, sinese the prosess of getting the license generally takes 3-6 months, depending on your speed and driving level at start.

3) At our first session/meeting, we will:
- Give more information about the learning prosess & courses (also written and explained further down in this page)
- Have a driving part, and check your level if you driving experiance.
- Give you timeplan for the 4 steps learning prosess, according to your work/time/vacation/plans, and rough estimated cost. Costs for getting the license in Norway in end 2023, is 25000-60000 NOK. 19-20 for the one time courses and assessments in trafic schools, 4-6 for other services provided by the driving schools, 3-5 for services provides by others, like NAF track, road authorities and theory learning programs, which become around NOK 30000. Most of you guys, who have driven before and can handle the trafic in Norway well, use 30-40000 NOK to get the license.
If you start from scratch, and have to train only with driving school, the cost will rise according to amount of needed training hours.
- If/when we agree on the 4 steps learning prosess timeplan, we will set it up.

4) Log in to vegvesen.no (road authorities). Fill the form Applicatio for driving license. Also book time for theory test in 2-4 weeks in one of the Road authoritis`offices, called Trafikkstasjon. The nearest one to us is Risøkka Trafikkstasjon (in Oslo) and Billingstad Trafikkstasjon (in Bærum).

5) Begin preparing yourself for theory test:
- Buy one month subscription for online reading and doing online tests.
- The best online test provider per now is teoritentamen.no.
- When you are at 4-6 average mistakes in the online tests, you are surely ready to pass the real test with 0-3 mistakes.
- You can have maximum 7 mistakes and pass.

6) Book time for practical test
- Can be done after passing the theory test.
- Waiting time for practical test is 2-3 months.

7) Complete The the 4 steps of Learning prosess & courses (for most of you)

STEP 1: (basic courses):
- First Aid and Duties in accidents.
(English course, 4 hours(45 min), available once every 2-3 months. If you are above 25 yers old, this can be done at any time, but before the practical test)
- Road user in dark course
(English course, available weekly evening/night beetween Oktober and March. Those getting their license beetween March and November, must do this course after getting their license)
- Basic Trafical theory (for ages 15 to 25):
(Not mandatory for above 25 years old. Norwegian course (must bring a friend from tranlation, 3 evenings, available almost once a month)
- Handling the Car:
(In this part, the amount of driving sessions/hours and therefore cost depends wether you start from scratch or/and how good car handling skills you already have
- Step 2 assessment
(1 hour(45 min). Done when you have high car handling skills)

- Handling the Trafical matters & environments:

(In this part, the amount of driving sessions/hours and therefore cost depends wether you start from scratch or/and how well you already understand and handle Norwegian trafical environments.
- Step 3 assessment:
(1 hour(45 min). Done when you have high trafical handling skills could potentially pass the practical test)
- Safety course on slippery road track:
(Takes the hole day)

- Safety course on countyside road conditions:
-- 4.1.1: Risks of countryside roads (2 hours, in class)
-- 4.1.2: Driving mainly in countryside conditions (5 hours)
-- 4.1.3: Route planning and driving in different environments (4 hours)
-- 4.1.4: Summerise and reflection on the driving parts (2 hours, in class)

7) Do the practical test
- We have around 75% passing rate the first time.
- Your passing rate mostly depends on how well you follow the 4 step learning prosess.
- When you pass, you must login to vegvesen.no , activate your temporarely driving permit and order the driving permit card.

Ta kontakt


Mandag til fredag: 0700 til 2100. Ring 45 77 66 77 for å avtale hyggelig fysisk møte, eller https://drivingtrafikkskoleullern.no/ for å avtale og melde seg opp på timer og kurs.